Hopper Heaters

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ComplianceStandards: C22.2 No 72
ApprovalsCSA, EAC.
Low Watt DensityFor uniform Heating and long Life.
Vibration and Shock ResistanceNo Screws, No Bolts, No Moving Parts & Heater is Sealed with rivets.
Rugged ConstructionRugged High Temperature Resistant Aluminum Body.
Ease of Maintenance and InstallationProvided with mounting angles/Plate (Optional).
Long LifeGood heater contact with surface resulting in lower element temperatures.
Custom builtWe also offer custom designs of a product to suit individual requirements. We can design for various dimensions, heat loads and voltages.


Operating Voltage415 V AC 3 Phase.
Max. Watt Density3 Watts/sq. inch.
Max. Operating Temperature1800C.
Temperature Control / SensorThermostat / RTD PT 100.
Power/Control ConnectionStandard Length of 5.0 M of Lead cable.

# Thermopads reserves the right to modify the specifications in line with future improvements, updated standards or updated certifications

Standard Range

Heater Size (mm)152 x 203152 x 1520305 x 305305 x 1520

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