Thermotrace Constant Watt Tracers (Cut-to-length)

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Compliance Standards : CTL – PT / SR/ ZH to EN 62395-1 and CTL – PT to EN 60079-0, EN 60079-30-1 & EN 60079-31.
Approvals CTL-PT: Tested by Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CSIR-CIMFR), Dhanbad And certified by Petroleum & Safety Organization (PESO) / Nagpur, for Zone II , TI (ATEX) for Zone I / Division II & EAC for use in hazardous area applications.

CTL – PT / SR/ ZH : CE and EAC

Rugged construction Outer metallic braid in CTL – PT & CTL – SR makes it robust and suited to hostile conditions.
Chemical Resistant Fluoropolymer insulated Thermotrace CTL is inert to all chemicals, and it is waterproof and weatherproof.
Long Life PTFE has excellent electrical properties, thermal stability, fire resistance and is virtually non – ageing and can withstand the high temperature continuously.
Efficient Heat Transfer Flexible and flat configuration of the Thermotrace CTL enables an intimate contact with the surface to be heated, ensuring efficient heat transfer.
Cut to Length Thermotrace CTL is supplied in continuous long lengths, which can be cut to desired lengths.
Custom built We also offer custom designs of a product to suit individual requirements. We can design for various dimensions and voltages.


Depending on the application and site conditions (viz. temperature, weather conditions, chemical environment), we can offer options of various insulating materials for Thermotrace CTL to match your individual requirements.


Bus conductor 2× 2× 2×
Bus insulation Polyolefin Silicon Rubber Fluoropolymer
Sheath Polyolefin Silicon Rubber Fluoropolymer
Braid Copper /Coated Copper or Stainless Steel Copper /Coated Copper or Stainless Steel Coated Copper or Stainless Steel
Supply Voltage* 230V 230V 230V
Power Output (W/m) 10 20 10 20 30 40 16 25 33 45 60
Max. circuit length (m) 160 112 160 100 90 60 125 100 90 75 60
Zone length (mm) 1300 1000 1300 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 500
Max. Operating Temperature (°C)

(Power On)$

40 35 190 175 180 120 220 200 180 165 150
Max. Withstand Temperature (Power Off) 80°C 180°C 260°C
Min. Installation Temperature -15°C -50°C -65°C
Min. Bend radius 30mm 20mm 25mm
Packing Length in a Reel 500m 500m 500m

* Can also be custom designed to specified operating voltages.

$ Check the system configuration & design-Contact us for more details.

# Thermopads reserves the right to modify the specifications in line with future improvements, updated standards or updated certifications

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