Thermo Radiant Panel Heaters / Glass Panel Heaters

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ComplianceStandards EN 60335-1
FlexibleThey are light weight, flexible and have excellent surface contact on large areas.
Uniform HeatingClose and even space of heating elements ensure uniform heating.
Cost-effectiveExtremely cost effective due to optional heat utilization and minimal losses.
SafetyThermostats backed by optional over current protection and GFCI, ensures total protection and safety.
User FriendlyEasy to Install.
DurabilityLasts longer due to low watt density.
Custom-builtWe also offer custom designs of a product to suit individual requirements. We can design for various dimensions, heat loads and voltages.


Standard Wattage 1000W/Sq.M, 230V
Maximum Wattage1200W/Sq.m, 240V
Standard Cold lead length1 M

# Thermopads reserves the right to modify the specifications in line with future improvements, updated standards or updated certifications

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