Concrete Curing Cable

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ComplianceStandards: IEC 60800.
ApprovalsSGS Fimko & EAC.
Tough & ReliableThe outer metallic sheath and the over jacket – which is suitable for UV resistant and environmental friendly, makes them suitable for outdoor application like roofs, driveways, parking lots for embedding in concrete.

RoHS, REACH & IP Rating:IPX7.

Safety100 % coverage by metallic sheath to minimize EMI.
Custom-builtWe also offer custom designs of a product to suit individual requirements. We can design for various dimensions, heat loads and voltages.


TypeTwin conductor.
Voltage230 V
InsulationHigh Temperature Insulation.
Metal SheathAluminium Mylar tape with drain wire.
Outer SheathPolyolefin (LSZH – Low smoke Zero Halogen).
Outer DiameterApprox. 5.5 mm.
Standard Cold lead2.0 m , 3 core, Rubber insulated, Rubber Sheathed.

#Thermopads reserves the right to modify the specifications in line with future improvements, updated standards or updated certifications.

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