Laminate Floor Heating Mat

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Compliance Standards:EN / IEC 60335, EN 62233, CSA – C22.2 No.130 , UL1683.
ApprovalsIntertek SEMKO, EAC & UL against relevant standards.
User-FriendlyEase of laying – the mat can be cut & turned to fit the room.
ComfortUltimate Warm Experience – Uniform Heating due to Aluminium Foil and Thermostat Control. experience.
SafetyUnique construction ensures 100% Earth Protection.
RangeA wide range of heat-loads and sizes ensure suitability to different sizes / kinds of floorings.
Custom-BuiltWe also offer custom designs of a product to suit individual requirements. We can design for various dimensions, heat loads and voltages.
Eco- FriendlyThermoLAM consists of metal, primarily Aluminium, which is considered as a “Green-Metal”.  Also it does not emit any green-house gases while heating.


Standard Wattage
80 W/Sq.M and 140 W/Sq.M, 230 V.
Standard width of the mat500 mm.
Standard Cold lead length3.0 M.

#Thermopads reserves the right to modify the specifications in line with future improvements, updated standards or updated certifications. 

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