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Snow Melting Cables

Snow Melting Cables
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 (for snow & ice melting out doors)

Thermo Snow Melting Cables (SMC) are thick cables for embedding in concrete, asphalt or under pavement surfaces. These are widely used in drive ways, pavements, roads, ramps, bridges, parking-bays etc., to melt snow or ice during winter seasons.

SMC is one of the best solutions for preventing ice from damaging roofs and gutters and causing a personal injury.


Snow Melting Cable consists of a resistance element provided with primary fluoropolymer insulation or criss linked PE, earth screen and secondary insulation of Polyolefin.

Heating cables could be single conductor with 5.0 mm outer diameter and terminating on cold leads at two ends of the cable or could be twin conductor with 6.0 mm outer diameter and terminating on cold leads at one end of the mat. SMC comes with a 5.0 m length cold leads as a standard.

Standards  Meets all test requirements of IEC 60800 class M2, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 130-03, ANSI/IEEE 515.1-2005, UL 515 (First Edition), UL 1673 (Second Edition).
Approvals  Certified by SGS Fimko as per IEC / EN 60800 also approved by EAC,UL & CSA.
User-friendly  Works silent and unobserved.
Cost-effective  Provides heat where required, resulting in optimal heat utilization and minimal losses.
Safety  Thermostats backed by optional over current protection and GFCI ensures total protection and  safety.
Range  A wide range of sizes in various lengths and standard widths ensure suitability to various layouts.
Custom-built  In addition to this wide range, mats could be designed to suit individual requirements of length, width and heat loads  and  voltage   requirements could be designed.
  Snow Melting Cable, Twin Conductor Rating: 30W/M at 230VAC
SMC-T-30W/850 29.0 850
SMC-T- 30W/1100 38.0 1100
SMC-T- 30W/1400 47.0 1400
SMC-T- 30W/1700 57.0 1700
SMC-T- 30W/2000 67.0 2000
SMC-T- 30W/2250 75.0 2250
SMC-T- 30W/2500 84.0 2500
SMC-T- 30W/2800 94.0 2800
SMC-T- 30W/3350 112.0 3350
SMC-T- 30W/4000 134.0 4000
SMC-T- 30W/4500 150.0 4500
SMC-T- 30W/5000 168.0 5000
  Snow Melting Cable, Single Conductor Rating: 30W/M at 230VAC
SMC-S- 30W/850 29.0 850
SMC-S- 30W/1100 38.0 1100
SMC-S- 30W/1400 47.0 1400
SMC-S- 30W/1700 57.0 1700
SMC-S- 30W/2000 67.0 2000
SMC-S- 30W/2250 75.0 2250
SMC-S- 30W/2500 84.0 2500
SMC-S- 30W/2800 94.0 2800
SMC-S- 30W/3350 112.0 3350
SMC-S- 30W/4000 134.0 4000
SMC-S- 30W/4500 150.0 4500
SMC-S- 30W/5000 168.0 5000
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