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Floor Heating Cables

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FLOOR HEATING CABLES (for in concrete or slab heating)

Thermo Floor Heating Cables (FHC) again a robust and tough cable which can be embedded in the concrete slab floors for floor heating applications. FHC are ideally suited for installation in large areas like homes, green houses, sports fields, warehouses, shopping malls or factories.
FHC comprises of a resistant element provided with a primary insulation of fluoropolymer or cross linked PE insulation, earth screen and outer sheathing of polyolefin.

Heating cables could be single conductor with 4.5 mm outer diameter and terminating on cold leads at two ends of the Heating Cable or could be twin conductor with 5.3 mm outer diameter and terminating on cold leads at one end of Heating Cable. FHC comes with a 2.5m length cold leads as a standard.
Standards Meets all test requirements of IEC 60800. CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 130-03, ANSI/IEEE 515.1-2005, UL 515 (First Edition), UL 1673 (Second Edition)
Approvals Certified by SGS Fimko as per IEC / EN 60800 also approved by EAC, VDE & CSA.
User-friendly Works from under the floor, silent and unobserved.
Cost-effective Under floor heating results in optimal heat utilization and minimal loss.
Sturdy Robust fluoropolymer insulation with earth screen enables rough usage.
A uniquely designed hot to cold junction makes the termination 100% foolproof.
Flexibility Can be laid on any area, or any layout, as may be desired.
Safety Thermostats backed by optional over current protection and GFCI, ensure total protection and safety.
Custom-built In addition to this range, we also offer customized FHC for different voltage and wattage levels or different resistances per meter.
Catalog Reference No. Length (M) Watts ( W)
  Floor Heating cable Twin 17 W/m - 230V
FHCT-FP- 17W/170 10 170
FHCT-FP- 17W/250 15 250
FHCT-FP- 17W/350 21 350
FHCT-FP- 17W/450 27 450
FHCT-FP- 17W/600


FHCT-FP- 17W/700 41 700
FHCT-FP- 17W/900 54 900
FHCT-FP- 17W/1100 65 1100
FHCT-FP- 17W/1350 79 1350
FHCT-FP- 17W/1450 84 1450
FHCT-FP- 17W/1650 96 1650
FHCT-FP- 17W/1900 112 1900
FHCT-FP- 17W/2400 141 2400
FHCT-FP- 17W/2900 170 2900
FHCT-FP- 17W/3100 183 3100
Catalog Reference No. Length (M) Watts ( W)
  Floor Heating Cable Single 17W/m - 230V
 FHCS-FP-17W/170 10  170
FHCS-FP- 17W/250 15 250
FHCS-FP- 17W/350 21 350
FHCS-FP- 17W/450 27 450
FHCS-FP- 17W/600 35 600
FHCS-FP- 17W/700 41 700
FHCS-FP- 17W/900 54 900
FHCS-FP- 17W/1100 65 1100
FHCS-FP- 17W/1350 79 1350
FHCS-FP- 17W/1450 84 1450
FHCS-FP- 17W/1600 94 1600
FHCS-FP- 17W/1900 112 1900
FHCS-FP- 17W/2300 135 2300
FHCS-FP- 17W/3150 185 3150
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