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Drum Heaters

Drum Heaters
Industrial Segment  
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Self Regulating Tracers
Heated Hoses
Hopper Heaters
Heating Jackets
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Drum Heaters
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- For 200 litre barrels

Thermo Drum Heaters are used for heating metallic drums to facilitate handling of solidified or viscous materials like adhesives, waxes, tar, chemicals, oils etc.They eliminate cumbersome methods and high investments associated with steam and oil or fire wood heating.

Drum Heaters


  1. Flexible heating element on Cylindrical Metal Cover carrier.
  2. Thermal lagging of glass wool.
  3. Metal casing
  4. Base heater for bottom heating (optional)
  5. Control Panel incorporating thermo static controls (optional).

Base Heater

  • Mild Steel Backing Plate.
  • Thermal lagging of glass wool.
  • Inter Woven Heating Element.
  • High Temperature Glass Cloth.
  • Mild Steel Spum Shell.
Uniform heating  Maximum heat flux is provided from the bottom of drum, which enables faster and uniform heating.
Rugged Construction  Metal exterior make them mechanically strong.
Precise control  Inbuilt thermostatic control provided for temperature control.
Optional  Sectional heating can be provided where partially filled drums have to be heated. Insulated lids can  be  provided  to  minimize heat losses.
Mobile  Drum heaters are mounted with Castor wheels for easy handling & mobility.
Safety  Drum heaters external surface remains at a low temperature to enable safe handling of the heater  even with  bare hands.
Technical Specifications
Heat Load  Cylinder- 3KW/㎡(4.5KW max.),Base heater - 5KW/㎡(1.5KW max.)
Operating Voltage  440V, three phase, 4 wire AC
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