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Freeze Protection Cables

Freeze Protection Cables FPC-SR
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FPC-SR : Freeze Protection Cable – Self Regulating type for “on pipe” as well as “in pipe” applications.
Operating  Principle

Selftrace derives its self-regulating characteristic from the inherent properties of the semi conductive core material.

As the core material temperature increases, the number of conductive paths in the core material decreases, thus decreasing the heat output. As the temperature decreases, the number of conductive paths increases, causing the heat output to increase. This occurs at every point along the cable’s length, adjusting the power output to the varying conditions.  As the cable self-regulates its heat output, it limits the maximum sheath temperature, thus making it burn-out proof.

Technical Specifications

Heating Power

Rating: 10W/M at 10°C, 230VAC
2 20
3 30
4 40
6 60
8 80
10 100
13 130
15 150
16 160
19 190
20 200
22 220
24 240
25 250
FPC-SR-10W/300 30 300
FPC-SR-10W/350 35 350

Circuit Breaker Selection & Maximum Length





10 ºC


100 / 60*




-20 ºC



*For drinking water pipelines.

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