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Freeze Protection Cables

Freeze Protection Cables FPC-C
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Freeze Protection Cables  
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FPC-C : Freeze Protection Cable - Constant Watt type designed for “on pipe” as well as “in pipe” applications.
FPC-C is a twin conductor series resistance heating cable comprising multistrand or coiled heating element, provided with primary insulation of fluoropolymer, then earth screen on twin conductor and polyolefin outer jacket. They terminate on cold leads of 2.0m length.
  Twin Conductor, Rating: 10W / M at 230 VAC
FPC-C-10W/20 2 20
FPC-C-10W/40 4 40
FPC-C-10W/60 6 60
FPC-C-10W/80 8 80
FPC-C-10W/100 10 100
FPC-C-10W/120 12 120
FPC-C-10W/140 14 140
FPC-C-10W/160 16 160
FPC-C-10W/180 18 180
FPC-C-10W/200 20 200
FPC-C-10W/240 24 240
FPC-C-10W/300 30 300
FPC-C-10W/420 42 420
FPC-C-10W/600 60 600
FPC-C-10W/800 80 800
FPC-C-10W/1050 105 1050
FPC-C-10W/1350 135 1350
  Rating: 16W/M at 230VAC
FPC-C-16W/25 1.6 25
FPC-C-16W/50 3.2 50
FPC-C-16W/75 4.7 75
FPC-C-16W/100 6.3 100
FPC-C-16W/125 7.9 125
FPC-C-16W/150 9.5 150
FPC-C-16W/175 11.1 175
FPC-C-16W/200 12.6 200
FPC-C-16W/225 14.2 255
FPC-C-16W/250 15.8 250
FPC-C-16W/300 19.0 300
FPC-C-16W/375 23.7 375
FPC-C-16W/525 33.2 525
FPC-C-16W/750 47.4 750
FPC-C-16W/1000 63.2 1000
FPC-C-16W/1350 83.0 1350
FPC-C-16W/1700 106.7 1700
  Rating: 25W/M at 230VAC
FPC-C-25W/30 1.3 30
FPC-C-25W/60 2.5 60
FPC-C-25W/90 3.8 90
FPC-C-25W/125 5.1 125
FPC-C-25W/150 6.3 150
FPC-C-25W/200 7.6 200
FPC-C-25W/225 8.9 225
FPC-C-25W/250 10.1 250
FPC-C-25W/280 11.4 280
FPC-C-25W/320 12.6 320
FPC-C-25W/375 15.2 375
FPC-C-25W/475 19.0 475
FPC-C-25W/675 26.6 675
FPC-C-25W/950 37.9 950
FPC-C-25W/1250 50.6 1250
FPC-C-25W/1650 66.4 1650
FPC-C-25W/2150 85.4 2150
 We also manufacture Freeze protection cables as per your requirement Please write to contact us for details
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