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Frequently asked questions on Floor Heating System
Frequently asked questions on Industrial Heat Tracing System
Frequently asked questions on Floor Heating System
How do we Install Floor Heating Mats/Cables?
Installing Floor Heating Mats is very simple. The sub-floor shall be covered with flooring installer’s underlay and insulation board. Floor Heating Mat or Cables are laid and fixed on top and covered with 5mm thin set or adhesive latex before laying the tiles.
Is floor-heating system suitable for DIY?
Yes. However final electrical connections are required to be done by a qualified Electrician.
 What is the thickness of the Floor Heating Mat?
The total thickness of the Floor Heating Mat is between 2.5 to 4mm depending upon the model you select.
 What Temperature will the floor attain?
The Floor Heating System is designed so that the floor surface will be comfortably warm and will never get hot to walk on. Thermostat regulates the floor temperature when the floor gets to the required temperature by switching OFF and switching ON if it begins to cool – thus keeping a regulated temperature.
Can I change the temperature settings?
Yes, The Thermostat allows you to change the temperature setting. Also please see the information on the thermostat/its manual.
How long will the floor take to heat up?
Generally within an hour with a standard insulation board. It may take longer if insulation not used and with thicker flooring.
Are there any special wiring requirements for floor heating?
For single connections within 3.6KW load, can be directly connected to the thermostats we supply. However for loads above 3.6KW, thermostat is required to be wired in a control circuit to control two or more sub-power circuits as required. A qualified Electrician must make the electrical connections.
Can the Electrical Floor Heating System be used as the only heat source?
Yes. Electrical Floor Heating System can be used as the only heat source and will provide comfortable heating for any internal room of a well-insulated construction. However you can check up with your architect or a HVAC specialist.
How many years of warranty do you give for your floor heating products?
Our Floor Heating Products are backed by 10 years warranty against manufacturing defects if any.
Does the tiler have any inconvenience while laying tiles?
No, Not at all if the cables are covered with Screed or Filler. If not, the tiler would need to take care so that he does not damage the cable in any way when applying the adhesive. He will also need to use slightly more adhesive than normal to allow for covering the floor heating cables.
Frequently asked questions on Industrial Heat Tracing System
Can we heat a Pipe or vessel in a short period of time?
No, Heat tracing is primarily used for temperature maintenance. Heat-ups in short periods of time (minutes to a few hours) will most likely require more heat than that needed to maintain the temperature at the desired temperature above ambient. You have to go for heating panels/heaters.
Is it possible to provide tracing without any thermal insulation?
No, Heat losses without thermal insulation are very high and not practical to compensate for with heat tracing.
Do Pipe supports, Flanges and Valves need any additional heat?
Yes. Pipe supports (un-insulated), Flanges and Valves require additional heat by providing extra length of heat tracer or heating cable as these areas have high heat loss.
Can we treat nonmetallic (plastic) Pipe or vessel application the same as those for metallic Pipes and vessels?
No, you cannot consider heat tracing of nonmetallic Pipes and vessels same as that of metallic Pipes and vessels. The heat tracer or heating cable sheath temperature shall be below the maximum temperature rating of the Pipe or vessel material. Also heat from the tracer does not transfer easily into a non-metallic material. You have to use heat reflective foils or heat transfer aids to increase the heat transfer to non-metallic Pipes and vessels.
 What is thermal equilibrium?
It is a state of thermal dynamics where the thermal equilibrium means a stabilized temperature as a result of the heat input equal to the heat loss.
 What does a sheath temperature mean?
Sheath temperature is the surface temperature of the heat tracer or heating cable.
Can we install the cable on top of the Pipe?
Installing the cable on top of the Pipe is not recommended. This may lead to mechanical damage, as the Pipe is susceptible to stamping because of personnel walking on Pipe or any tool/material falling from a height in an industrial atmosphere. The ideal location is installing the heat tracer at bottom side at about 30° – 60° angle from horizontal plain.
Can I cut the heat tracer?
You can do so only in case of Thermotrace – CTL, which is a parallel type of heat tracer and can be cut to desired length (nearest integer) within its maximum circuit length declared.
How do I terminate Thermotrace – CTL?
You need to isolate both the bus wires by properly insulating them and provide the power connection kit or end connection kit provided with tracer termination kits. Never allow any bare metal (bus wire or heating element) falling out of the insulation or touching each other, which will cause a short circuit.
Can we avoid using thermostat?
Heat Tracer or heating cable will always be ON if a thermostat is not used, which will result in continuous energy consumption and increased electricity bill. However for small load, we can avoid a thermostat provided a suitable rating heat tracer is recommended by the manufacturer / system provider based on ‘stabilised design’
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