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Silicone Heating Cables

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Floor Heating Cables
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  Door heating cable & Drain pipe heater
  Aluminium Foil Defrost Heaters
  Crankcase Heater
  Door Heating Cable( SHC-CTL)
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Door heating cable & Drain pipe heater

Heating cable SHC-T is a twin conductor cable with silicone rubber insulation. SHC-T heating cables are specifically designed for internal and external heating of refrigeration drain lines use in the refrigeration industry including cold storages, refrigeration and deep freeze application. Heating cable SHC-S is a single conductor silicone insulated heater cable with inbuilt cold lead on both sides.  SHC-S is an essential component of the refrigeration industry. It’s most common use is to remove or prevent condensation and icing of doors & view windows in refrigeration systems and cold storages.

Supply Voltage (V)
230 V
Cold Lead (mm)
Outer Sheath
Silicon Rubber
Working Temperature Range
-60° C to +180° C
SHC-T around 5mm
SHC-S around 3mm

Refrigeration Systems & Cold Storage Heating Cable (SHC-T) with Twin Conductor having Silicon Rubber insulation and outer jacket. The final outer dia of the heating cable shall be around 5.8 mm.

Standard Wattage 40W/M
Operating Voltage 230 Volts
Cold Lead: 1.0 M
Product Code Length (M) Watts
SHC-T- 40 1.0 40
SHC-T- 80 2.0 80
SHC-T- 120 3.0 120
SHC-T- 160 4.0 160
SHC-T- 200 5.0 200
SHC-T- 240 6.0 240

Standard Wattage 50W/M
Operating Voltage 230 Volts
Cold Lead: 1.0 M
Product Code Length (M) Watts
 SHC-T- 50 1.0 50
 SHC-T-100 2.0 100
 SHC-T-150 3.0 150
 SHC-T-200 4.0 200
 SHC-T-250 5.0 250
 SHC-T-300 6.0 300

Refrigeration Doors & View Window Heating Cable (SHC-S) with a Single Conductor Silicon Rubber insulated Heating Cable with inbuilt cold lead on both sides. The final outer dia of the heating cable shall be around 3.0 mm.

Standard Wattage 30W/M
Operating Voltage 230 Volts
Cold Lead: 1.0 M / ea side
Product Code Length (M) Watts
 SHC-S-30 1.0 30
 SHC-S-60 2.0 60
 SHC-S-90 3.0 90
 SHC-S-120 4.0 120
 SHC-S-150 5.0 150
 SHC-S-180 6.0 180
Note: Heating Cable with thermostat upon request.
For more details and business enquiries, Please contact us.
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