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Silicone Heating Cables

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Door Heating Cable (SHC-CTL)

The main feature of Door Heating Cable (SHC-CTL) is a uniform specific charge on its entire length, granting the possibility to manage the specific power independently from the required cable length.

Cut to length constant power output cables are manufactured by winding the heating wire to the phase and neutral bus bars on which silicone rubber is extruded.

A section of the insulation on bus bar is removed after each 500mm creating the electrical contact. The product is provided wound in coils, to be cut and finished according to the specific needs.

A metal braid can be added on the external Silicone rubber insulation to protect the cable from mechanical stress and improve its thermal distribution. It can act as well as grounding.

Door Heating Cables are designed for use in industrial and commercial refrigeration (anticondensation for refrigerated display cabinets, doors for cold storage rooms). Their great flexibility suits the requirement of industrial and commercial refrigeration.

Features of SHC-CTL Cables:
  • Can be cut to length on site.
  • Extremely simple termination.
  • Cold tail incorporated: no extra connection necessary.
  • Available as 30, 40 and 50 W/m.
  • Power supply: 230 V a.c.
  • With optional coated copper/SS braid for mechanical protection and earthing.
  Specifications of Door Heating Cables (SHC-CTL):
Power output 30, 40 & 50 W/m
Voltage 230 V AC
Permissible surface temperature -50 to 180 deg C
Bus conductor Coated Copper
Bus insulation Silicon Rubber
Zone length(mm.) 500
Heating wire Nichrome
Heating wire insulation Silicone Rubber
Dimension(nom.) 3.6 mm x 5.8 mm
Metal Sheath(Optional) Coated Copper /SS braid
Note: To ensure that these heating elements enjoy a long service life, we recommend using a control device.
  Product Range of SHC-CTL Cables:
Power(W/m)@230 V 30 40 50
Length(m) Total Resistance (Ω) @20°C (Tol: -5%/+10%)
1 1763.3 1322.5 1058.0
2 881.7 661.3 529.0
3 587.8 440.8 352.7
4 440.8 330.6 264.5
5 352.7 264.5 211.6
6 293.9 220.4 176.3
Can also be custom built as per specific requirements
For more details or representative / reseller opportunities, Please contact us
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