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Under Heating Cable

Under Tile Heating Cable Kit
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Under Tile Heating Cable Kit
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 (DIY under tile heating)

Thermo Under Tile Heating Cable Kit (UTHKT) is a ready to install "Do-It-Yourself" system - a complete floor heating kit comprising all components needed for an installation.

UTHKT is suitable for the same areas as Floor Heating Mats and Under Tile Heating Cables under solid flooring types such as tiles, marble & slate. It allows the user a choice of cable spacing and hence heat output.

The kit consists of –

  • Under Tile Heating Cables - One of the thinnest cables with 10W/m output available in 16 different lengths with a 3.0M cold lead
  • Thermostat - suitable for flush mounting on the wall
  • Floor sensor - for precise floor temperature sensing
  • Conduit - for protection of sensor cable
  • Bobbin Unwinder - to easily unroll the heating cable from the bobbin
  • Strapping Tape(s) - to fix cable to the floor. This takes just half the time to install as compared to other gluing methods
  • Installation Manual - provides clear instructions for easy installation.
Standards Meets all test requirements of IEC 60335, CAN/CSA - C22.2 No.130-03, UL1673.
Approvals Certified by Intertek SEMKO against relevant IEC / EN 60335, UL & GOST Standard.
User-friendly  Works from under the floor, silent and unobserved.
Cost-effective  Under floor heating provides heat where required, resulting in optimal heat utilization and minimal losses.
Flexibility  Can be laid on any area, or any floor layout, as may be desired.
Comfort  Close and uniform spacing of heating cables, associated with thermostat controls to select temperature requirements,  provides higher comfort.
Safety  Thermostats backed by optional over current protection and GFCI, ensures total protection.
DIY  Do-It-Yourself kits, with clear instruction manuals, makes the Under Floor Heating Kits very user-friendly.
Custom-built  In addition to this range, we also offer customized heating cables for different voltage and wattage levels or  resistances per meter.
  Twin Conductor, Rating: 10W / M at 230 VAC
UTHKT-TP-10W/115 11.5 115
UTHKT-FP-10W/140 14.00 150
17.00 170
UTHKT-FP-10W/210 21.00 210
UTHKT-FP-10W/225 22.50 225
UTHKT-FP-10W/290 29.00 290
UTHKT-FP-10W/350 35.00 350
UTHKT-FP-10W/400 40.00 400
UTHKT-FP-10W/480 48.00 480
UTHKT-FP-10W/560 56.00 560
UTHKT-FP-10W/640 64.00 640
UTHKT-FP-10W/700 70.00 700
UTHKT-FP-10W/760 76.00 760
UTHKT-FP-10W/820 82.00 820
UTHKT-FP-10W/1040 104.00 1040
UTHKT-FP-10W/1140 114.00 1140
UTHKT-FP-10W/1250 125.00 1250
UTHKT-FP-10W/1450 145.00 1450
UTHKT-FP-10W/1600 160.00 1600
UTHKT-FP-10W/1800 180.00 1800
  Single Conductor, Rating: 10W / M at 230 VAC
UTHKS-FP-10W/115 11.50 115
UTHKS-FP-10W/150 15.00 150
UTHKS-FP-10W/170 17.00 170
UTHKS-FP-10W/210 21.00 210
UTHKS-FP-10W/225 22.50 225
UTHKS-FP-10W/290 29.00 290
UTHKS-FP-10W/350 35.00 350
UTHKS-FP-10W/400 40.00 400
UTHKS-FP-10W/480 48.00 480
UTHKS-FP-10W/560 56.00 560
UTHKS-FP-10W/700 70.00 700
UTHKS-FP-10W/820 82.00 820
UTHKS-FP-10W/1040 104.00 1040
UTHKS-FP-10W/1140 114.00 1140
UTHKS-FP-10W/1250 125.00 1250
UTHKS-FP-10W/1450 145.00 1450
UTHKS-FP-10W/1700 171.00 1700
UTHKS-FP-10W/2000 195.00 2000
UTHKS-TP-10W/2400 242.00 2400
UTHKS-TP-10W/3000 297.00 3000
Thermopads UFHK DIY kit can be directly sold in the market or can be packaged as per the requirements of resellers /  brand-owners. Please  contact us for more details.
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