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Gutter Heating

Self Trace GDIT - SR
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    Self Trace GDIT - SR
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Commercial Segment
Self Trace GDIT-SR (for Roof & Gutter De-icing)
Self Trace GDIT-SR range of self regulating cables can be used for protection against freezing on roofs or roof gutters.
Operating  Principle

Selftrace derives its self-regulating characteristic from the inherent properties of the semi conductive core material.

As the core material temperature increases, the number of conductive paths in the core material decreases, thus decreasing the heat output. As the temperature decreases, the number of conductive paths increases, causing the heat output to increase. This occurs at every point along the cable’s length, adjusting the power output to the varying conditions.  As the cable self-regulates its heat output, it limits the maximum sheath temperature, thus making it burn-out proof.

Technical Specifications

Certified by SGS Fimko as per IEC 60800 standards.

Heating Power W/m (230 V AC)


Power Output

36W/m in ice @ 0 Deg C and 18W/m in air @ 0 Deg C

Voltage Supply

230VAC, 50Hz, 120VAC on request

Min. Installation Temperature

-30° C

Application Temperature up to

-30° C

Operating Temperature – Switched on

Max 65° C

Operating Temperature- Switched off

Max 85° C
(1000 hours cumulative)

Minimum Bending Radius


Circuit Breaker

Max. 16 A

Output Power Vs temperature

Circuit Breaker Selection & Maximum Length

Voltage AC 230 V


Breaker size




Start up temperature

10 ºC




-15 ºC




-20 ºC




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