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Gutter Guard

GutterGuard - GDIT - ZH
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    GutterGuard - GDIT - ZH
Commercial Segment
GutterGuard - GDIT - ZH (The Gutter De-Icing Tracer)
Thermo GutterGuard – the Gutter De-Icing Tracers are uniquely designed electrical heating cables, used for preventing ice or snow buildup, or “Ice Dams”, from forming in the gutters, downspouts or overhangs.

The GDIT-ZH Gutter De-Icing Tracers is available with 30 watts/ m output.


GDIT-ZH is a parallel tracer and require external control device for maintaining the required temperature. It consists of a metal braiding which makes it mechanically tough and sturdy. The outer sheathing of LSZH – the environment friendly, fire retardant and UV Resistant compound, makes it apt for the application.
1) Buswires of multistrand copper

LSZH Insulation

3) Heating Element
4) LSZH Insulation Sheath
5) Coated copper braid for mechanical protection and earth continuity
6) LSZH Outer Jacket


Confirms to BS - 6351 & IEEE 515 Standards


Thermo GutterGuard is a fast, simple, safe and easy way of getting rid of any snow or ice build up on your rooftops and in the gutters or downspouts.

Ease of Use

CTL (Cut To Length) tracer which can be cut to any length as per the installation requirement.


Manufactured according to highest quality standards by Thermopads – the leading company in the field of surface heating solutions.
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