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To accompany Thermo comfort-heating products are our Programmable Digital Thermostats to maintain a warm and cozy environment. They can offer various settings to suit your requirements and have a built-in temperature sensor to control the temperature of the room.

Programmable Thermostat TS-PE-16 :
TS-PE-16 series of heating thermostat is a LCD thermostat with Digital display. It is capable of switching on your heating system at pre determined times and can be programmed for one week.

TS-PE-16 Thermostat has an external temperature sensor that is normally placed in the floor construction. In this configuration the thermostat controls the temperature of the floor and not the temperature of the room and also it has built in temperature sensor which controls the temperature of room.


  Type TS – PE - 16
Thermostats Thermostats
Details Electronic thermostat, built in and  3 meter floor sensor
Programable/Non Programable Digital, 1 Week programmable
Supply voltage 230V  ±10%
Output relay  16A Max
Built-in interrupter 2-pole, 16A
Control ON/OFF
Temperature range +5 to +50°C
Setback mode 4-event set back with clock function
Temperature Limitation Min/Max
On/off differential 0.4°C
Ambient temperature -5 to +50°C
Housing IP 21
Dimensions (H/W/D) 83.5/83.5/49.5 mm
CE Standard EN 55014 & EN60730
 For more details and business enquiries, Please contact us.
Your guide to a trouble and fault free installation…
Even though the heating elements are tough and sturdy, they can still be damaged during installation at the jobsite. Thermo Scout is designed to monitor your heating mats or cables during every step of the installation. It can monitor both heating mats and cables and immediately warns you in case of any damage or failure.
  • Thermo Scout is a battery operated testing unit that audibly and visually alarms if conductor is broken or cut ( No Continuity), or if a cable is pinched or crushed (Shorting with earth conductor)
  • Thermo Scout is designed to monitor the mats or cables individually. However, by making a temporary "series" connection of multiple mats or cables, it can monitor up to three products simultaneously.
  • It runs on a pair of AAA size batteries which makes it very compact and handy to use.
  • When the batteries are inserted and Thermo Scout is powered "ON" before connecting the mat/cable leads to the device, the alarm sounds and a red light goes up. This means that the batteries are charged and the device is working properly. If the above mentioned things do not occur then the batteries need to be replaced.
  • During normal use the green light indicates that the Thermo Scout is monitoring the mat or cable for any damage. Should the green light go out, the batteries need to be replaced before continuing work.
  • An alarm and a red light indicate lead wires have come loose from the terminals or damaged has occurred to the heating product. If this happens, all work should be stopped immediately.
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