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History and Group
Awards and Recognitions
Corporate Social Responsibility

Service to Society is one of the essential business practices, an intrinsic part of business plans for Thermo Group of companies.In conformity with this ideal, all group companies have been earmarking a part of time, talents and wealth towards fulfillment of the social goals we aim at.The objective we set forth then, and the objective that propels us today remains the same an unflinching commitment to extend to any one in need the support he / she needs for a better life. 

The establishment, in the year 1987, of a charity foundation – Sri Ram Charitable Trust - as the CSR wing of Thermo Group, further cemented our tryst with the needy. The scope and volume of our charity work has increased manifold over the last  three decades.

As a policy, all group companies contribute 10% of  annual profits to the foundation.

The main areas of activity are: Education, Health and Livelihood Trainings.

1. Education

In the arena of primary education and high school education, India is lagging behind most developing countries in percentage terms, though in terms of number India is at the top.High drop-out rate, inadequacies in quality of instruction and infrastructure facilities are some of the problems plaguing the Indian educational system.

As a Bovarian proverb says, we believe that the future saviors of our country are today sitting on school benches. It is our desire to spot such talent and support them in all possible ways to lead the nation.

Committed as we are to improve educational standards, in the year 2009 we selected a remote rural hamlet to launch our first educational project. Ghattuppal, a village about 80 kms from Hyderabad is the place selected.An educational institution KGV Vidyalayam - is functioning in the village since 2009, extending quality education to children hailing from 14 nearby villages, children from economically weak families, from Kindergarten level to 12th standard, both in English and Telugu Medium.

Our Vision

  • To train children to imbibe noble qualities – truth, purity, unselfishness
  • To create congenial condition by which the thirst for acquisition of knowledge gets impetus and enables children to set a goal for life
  • Apart from science and technology, curriculum includes fine arts, classics, languages and national cultural heritage
  • To maintain a healthy / teacher ratio of 1: 25
  • Provide adequate and essential infrastructure
  • Environment congenial to child’s mental and physical development
  • Quality education at affordable cost.

Our Trust has extended financial support to the extent of Rs.200.00 lakhs (Equivalent to about US$ 400,000) during the last four years towards providing infrastructure facilities and meeting running expenses.

We are now in the eighth academic year and the progress has been steady and to our expectations.we have alsoGradually we aim to reach standards on par with the best in any urban center.

We also propose to open satellite primary schools in the nearby villages for the benefit of children in the age group 1 to 10.

We also extended financial assistance to another non-profit educational society at Chennai for starting a new school in a suburban village.


2. Healthcare
Both preventive and curative measures are included in our Health Care programs focused to serve mainly rural population. . Under preventive care we provide safe drinking water in rural areas, educate people on the importance of nutritious food and arrange training to improve physical fitness. As a curative measure we provide assistance for individual medical treatment in deserving cases and to groups through medical camps and direct assistance to establish hospitals.
A. Financial Support for establishment of Eye Hospital

Jaisalmer is a backward district in the state of Rajasthan.The district is almost entirely a sandy waste, and forms part of the great Thar Desert. To reach any eye treatment center, villagers had to trek long distances since there was no hospital in the district within the reach of the villagers.In the year 1995, some philanthropists closely associated with the district came together and formed a charity foundation – Shri Maheswari Hospital & Research Center Trust.The objective was to conduct research in eye treatment and extend treatment for eye ailments to the villagers at a nominal cost.

Sri Ram Charitable Trust has been closely associated with this institution and has extended substantial assistance – managerial, financial and material - from inception.

B. Safe Drinking water in rural areas
  • Fluoride level in drinking water in several villages in Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh is far in excess of recommended safe levels.Many villagers have become victims of dental skeletal and neurological deformities.
  • To help such villagers and prevent others from becoming victims of such deformities, the foundation has installed water treatment plants in four affected villages.

  • Up to the level of erection and commissioning the entire cost is borne by the foundation and then handed over to a village committee for operation and maintenance.

  • More than 20,000 villagers have benefitted under this project.
A defluoridation work installed by the foundation   Villagers collecting safe drinking water
C. Nutrition
  • Most of the villagers in fluoride affected villages consume food items that do not adequately supplement calcium, magnesium and vitamin-C, hastening the crippling effects of fluoride.Malnutrition among the adults and children is a major cause for the ill-health in all villages.

  • With the help of specialists in Nutrition, we have held camps in a few villages to educate villagers on the importance of nutrition.

  • We propose to take up this activity more intensely to cover a group of about 15 villages and target select disease prone groups to improve their health.

  • Proposed program involves trainings, awareness programs and continuous monitoring of selected groups for a period of about 2 years so that improvements gradually become visible and it becomes easy to replicate such programs in other villages.

D. Medical Treatment
  • The Trust conducts medical camps in fluoride affected villages in coordination with Government and private Hospitals.

  • Medicines are supplied free to all deserving patients.

  • Every patient who requires surgery or any other indoor treatment is admitted in Government or Private Hospitals and full cost of treatment is borne by the foundation.
E. Support to other non-profit organizations

We extend financial support to other non-profit organizations providing health care in non-curable diseases like Thalassemia. Thalassemia patients also need frequent blood transfusion. Our trust arranges regular blood donation camps for the benefit of such patients.We also extend financial assistance to Thalassemia Society to meet their running costs.



Apart from agriculture and allied activities, alternative livelihood sources in rural areas are almost negligible.To help educated rural youth, the Trust is running computer training centers, trainings in spoken and written in the English language, Trainings in tailoring for house wives, etc. We have also started vocational courses in our Junior College to help candidates who complete 12th standard to acquire employment skills.

Training in Tailoring enables unemployed house wives to acquire necessary skills and supplement their family income. In some cases, after training, these women have become sole family bread winners.

Computer training classes in progress


4. Other Activities : Sishu Jyothi Kendras

These are centers where coaching classes are conducted in the evenings to guide and tutor children living in urban slums. These children are in the age group 6 to 13 from classes 1 to 8 and whose parents are mostly daily wage earners or domestic servants.  We have so far established 10 centers in and around Hyderabad.  Children are guided to complete their homework and revise their school lessons.  This teacher also engages them in simple games, story telling, group singing, etc. The teacher is paid an honorarium by the Trust.  We propose to expand this activity to rural areas also.

Young women undergoing training in tailoring

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