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Silicone Heating Cables

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Thermo Silicone Heating Cable SHC are highly flexible & water resistant cables used for applications like aquarium & terrarium heating and to remove or prevent condensation and icing in refrigeration systems & cold storages.


SHC is a series type heating cable, with the cable core comprising of a glass carrier with a spiral wound alloy resistance wire insulated with silicone rubber, making them water resistant. The cold lead is inbuilt during manufacturing hence is of uniform diameter. The cable is marked to distinguish the hot & cold lengths, and supplied factory terminated in standard lengths.

Standards Tested to IEC 60800 requirements
Approvals Conforms to CE.
Flexible Silicone insulated makes it very flexible and water resistant.
Uniform Heating Generates the same rated heat output all along its length.
High Temperature Can be used for heat up to 150ºC and withstand temperature of 200ºC.
Easy to Install Requires no special tools & tackles to install.
Long Life Silicone Insulation used has excellent electrical properties and can withstand high temperature continuously.
Range Wide range of linear resistances per meter and can be designed for longer lengths.
Custom Built Cables to suit specific needs with insulation of fluropolymer, PVC and other combinations can also be manufactured.
Refrigeration Systems & Cold Storage Heating Cables
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