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Silicone Heating Cables

Industrial Segment  
Domestic Segment
Commercial Segment
Floor Heating Cables
Refrigeration Heating Products
  Door heating cable & Drain pipe heater
  Aluminium Foil Defrost Heaters
  Crankcase Heater
  Door Heating Cable( SHC-CTL)
Snow Melting Cables
Snow Melting Mats
Freeze Protection Cables  
Asphalt Snow Melting Cables / Mats  
Foot Warmer  
Concrete Curing Cable  

Refrigeration Heating Products


Refrigeration heating products are used for de frost applications. Based on the type of application we have three different products.

Door Heating Cable

Door Heating Cables are widely used for cold room door frame heating & defrost applications.

Drain Pipe Heaters

Drain pipe heaters are apt to be laid inside pipes for draining water from refrigeration equipments, bottom of collector trays to prevent freezing and allow condensate water to flow freely.

Aluminium Foil Defrost Heaters

Aluminium foil De frost heaters are apt for Defrosting of Evaporators & Trays in refrigeration, Preheating of Battery Warmers, Cabinets, Laboratory & Medical Equipements.

Door heating cables & Drain pipe Heaters

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