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Foot Warmer

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Applicable Standard: IEC 60335 - 2 -81


Cold feet can be both uncomfortable and distracting, especially when you are at work or study in office or home. The Thermopads’s Thermofoot Cozy is intended to warm your feet while you keep a cool head. It uses less energy than an average light bulb.  You save the electricity by using the Thermopads’s Thermofoot Cozy and turning your room heating down or even off.

 Rapid, efficient heating mat keeps your feet cozy
 Neutral carpet finish with over locked edges
 In-line temperature regulate switch
 Plugs into any standard 240V wall socket
 Heats up to 40 degrees Celsius
 Equipped with an over temperature protection device
1 Year product guarantee
 Safe low-wattage foot warmer mat
 Power usage 75W, 0.31 A
 Dimensions: 600mm x 400mm supplied with moulded plug
 Input: 240 V/ 50 - 60 Hz
 Grey colour
 Do not place an object or cover on top of the heated mat that may insulate it.
 Do not immerse in water.
 Do not use for warming animals.
 Do not leave infants or people who are immobile or insensitive to heat to lie or sit on the mat.
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