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Foot Warmer

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Concrete Curing Cable (CCC-T)

Concrete Curing Cable (CCC-T) is specially designed for fast curing of concrete floors of new homes, outdoors in driveways, parking lots, gutters etc. They are aptly suited for indoors and outdoors large areas.


Concrete curing cable consists of a resistance element provided with fluoropolymer insulation, earth screen of 100 % coverage and outer sheathing of Polyolefin.

Concrete curing cable is terminated on cold lead with 16 amp moulded plug. The hot and cold junction is uniquely designed to make it 100% fool proof.

Type Twin conductor
Voltage 230 V ACRMS
Insulation High Temperature Insulation
Metal Sheath Aluminium Mylar tape with drain wire
Outer Sheath Polyolefin (LSZH – Low smoke Zero Halogen)
Outer Diameter 5.3 to 5.8 mm
Cold lead 3 core, Rubber insulated, Rubber Sheathed - 2.0 m
Tough & Reliable The outer metallic sheath and the over jacket - which is suitable for UV resistant and environmental friendly, makes them suitable for outdoor application like roofs, driveways, parking lots for embedding in concrete.
Safety 100 % coverage by metallic sheath to minimize EMI
Custom-Built Individual requirements of heat-loads, voltage requirements and lengths can be designed & manufactured.
Product Range Cables
Catalog Reference No Length (M) Walts (W)
Concrete Curing Cable Twin Conductor Rating : 40W/M at 230VAC
CCC-T-130 3.30 130
CCC-T-380 10 380
CCC-T-735 20 735
CCC-T-1400 35 1400
CCC-T-3500 85 3500
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