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Laminate Floor Heating Mat
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Domestic Segment
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Laminate Floor Heating Mat
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Commercial Segment  
Laminate Floor Heating Mat (LFM) (for laminate floor and under-carpet heating)

ThermoLAM is ultra thin electric radiant floor heating system primarily for use under laminate, engineered wood, glued hardwood and other floating floors. Advantage of using ThermoLAM is the ease of installation and uniform heating of your laminate flooring. The special materials used makes it free from problems of ‘Hot-Spots’ or localized heating


ThermoLAM system is made with fluoropolymer insulated heating cables. These are sandwiched between two layers of specially reinforced aluminium foil. The uniform spacing of the heating elements, further backed by the aluminium foil, ensures even heat distribution. The heating element is connected to a power-supply cable, which exits the laminate mat from one corner. The power lead is a flat thin two core flexible cord, consisting of two insulated conductors with a metal sheath and an outer sheath.Depending on your heating requirement, ThermoLAM is available in nominal heat outputs of 80 W/m² and 140 W/m². It is available in predetermined lengths with cold tail – prefabricated & tested in a carefully controlled factory environment.

Thermopads is also fully geared to meet any of your customized heating requirements.

Standards  Meets all test requirements of IEC 60335
Approvals  Conforms to the requirements of CE Marking
User-Friendly  Ease of laying and connection, temperature control through programmable / non-programmable thermostat
Comfort  Uniform Heating and thermostat control provides ultimate ‘warm’ experience
Safety  Proper earthing provision is provided for safety. Conforms to the product Safety requirements as per latest EU  Directives
Range  A wide range of heat-loads and sizes ensure suitability to different sizes / kinds of floorings
Custom-Built  Individual Requirements of heat-loads, voltage requirements, lengths & width can be designed & manufactured.  Can  be supplied with one-side adhesive with release paper for ease of installation.
Environment Friendly  Over 90% of ThermoLAM consists of metal, primarily Aluminium, which is now considered as a “Green-Metal”.  Also it does not emit any green-house gases while heating.
Construction  Aluminium Foil Heater with Twin Conductor having primary insulation of FlouroPolymer, Sandwiched between 2  layers of Specially Reinforced Aluminium Foil.
Standard Wattage  80 W/Sq.Mt and 140 W/Sq.Mt
Width of the mat  500 mm
Heating Cable Spacing  50mm
Cold lead  3.0 M
  RANGE (80W)
Catalogue Reference No. Length of the Mat (mtr) Width of the
Mat (mm)
Sq M
Watts (W)
2 500 1.0 80
3 500 1.5 120
LFM-T-80W/160 4 500 2.0 160
LFM-T-80W/200 5 500 2.5 200
LFM-T-80W/240 6 500 3.0 240
LFM-T-80W/280 7 500 3.5 280
LFM-T-80W/320 8 500 4.0 320
LFM-T-80W/360 9 500 4.5 360
LFM-T-80W/400 10 500 5.0 400
LFM-T-80W/480 12 500 6.0 480
LFM-T-80W/560 14 500 7.0 560
LFM-T-80W/640 16 500 8.0 640
LFM-T-80W/720 18 500 9.0 720
LFM-T-80W/800 20 500 10.0 800
  Range (140W)
Catalogue Reference No. Length of the Mat (mtr) Width of the
Mat (mm)
Sq M
Watts (W)
2 500 1.0 140
3 500 1.5 210
LFM-T-140W/280 4 500 2.0 280
LFM-T-140W/350 5 500 2.5 350
LFM-T-140W/420 6 500 3.0 420
LFM-T-140W/490 7 500 3.5 490
LFM-T-140W/560 8 500 4.0 560
LFM-T-140W/630 9 500 4.5 630
LFM-T-140W/700 10 500 5.0 700
LFM-T-140W/840 12 500 6.0 840
LFM-T-140W/980 14 500 7.0 980
LFM-T-140W/1120 16 500 8.0 1120
LFM-T-140W/1260 18 500 9.0 1260
LFM-T-140W/1400 20 500 10.0 1400
 For more details and business enquiries, Please contact us.
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