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Freeze Protection Cables

Freeze Protection Cables
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Thermo Freeze Protection Cables (FPC) are the robust and tough cables designed for "on pipe" as well as "in pipe" applications in domestic
and commercial requirement to protect water from freezing. They are adaptable to all areas where natural frost protection cannot be achieved.
We can offer three varieties of Freeze Protection Cables -

: FPC-C is a twin conductor series resistance heating cable comprising of resistance elements provided with primary insulation of Fluoropolymer, then earth screen on twin conductor and Polyolefin outer jacket. They terminate on cold leads of 2.0m length with plug.

FPC-CT : Freeze Protection Cable - Constant Watt type with inbuilt temperature limiter.

FPC-SR : Freeze Protection Cable - Self Regulating type.


FPC consists of a heating element provided with primary Fluoropolymer insulation covered with a earth screen and outer sheath of polyolefin material. These are available in a wide range of capacities in predetermined lengths with 2M cold lead and a plug as a standard.

Standards  Meets the requirements of IEC 62395 Standard.
Approvals  FPC is certified by VDE and SGS Fimko as per IEC 60800 Standard.
Cost-effective  Controlled and self regulating type provide heat when required, resulting in optimal heat utilization and save on  energy cost.
Sturdy  Robust fluoropolymer insulation and earth screen enables its use in tough conditions.
Reliability  A uniquely designed hot to cold junction makes the termination 100% foolproof.
Flexibility  Highly flexible and easy to install, does not require any special tools.
Safety  FPC backed by GFCI and Over current protection, ensures total safety.
DIY  FPC with clear instruction manuals makes it user-friendly.
Custom-built  In addition to this range, we also offer customized FPC for different voltage and wattage levels or resistances   per meter.
 For more details and business enquiries, Please contact us.
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