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Thermopads Heating cables, Heat Tracer and Floor Heating Mats meet all the stringent quality requirements specified by our major markets like EU & North America.
  Our Product Certifications -
    ATEX by Baseefa & SIRA
    CE by Interteck SEMKO AB Sweden and SGS FIMKO Ltd Finland
    CE by VDE Germany
    cUL us by UL Laboratories, USA
    cCSA us by CSA Laboratories Canada
    EAC Russia
    Product Safety Certification by Central Mining Research Institute (CMRI), India
    Product Safety Certification by Chief Controller of Explosives (CCOE), India
VDE approval from German approval 
agency for European Markets.
  CSA approval from Canadian approval 
agency for Canada and USA Markets.
UL approval from USA approval 
agency for USA and Canada Markets.
  SEMKO Approval from Swedish approval
agency for European Markets.
FIMKO Approval from Finnish approval
agency for European Markets.
  ATEX Approval from BASEEFA for use in
Hazardous area applications.
EAC Approval from Russia approval
agency for Russian Markets.
  ATEX Approval from SIRA for use in
Hazardous area applications.
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