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History and Group
Awards and Recognitions
Corporate Social Responsibility

Awards and Recognitions

The commitment to Excellence and Technology Upgradation has earned Thermopads rich dividends and due recognition
Best Technology Award Best Technology Award
" Ms. Uma Ghurka receiving the Distinguished Alumna
Award 2012 from IIT Madras"

"Outstanding Export Performance Award", for the Year
2010-2011 from the Govt. Of India.

Best  Performance in SSI sector Best  Performance in SSI sector

"Outstanding Export Performance Award", for the Year
2009-2010 from the Govt. Of India.

"Outstanding Export Performance Award", for the Year
2007-2008 from the Govt. Of India.

Small Scale Entrepreneur Award Best Technology Award
"Small Scale Entrepreneur Award", for the year
1998 from the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh

"Best Technology Award", for initiatives in application
of State of Art Technology from IBM Corporation, USA,
Year 1999

Best  Performance in SSI sector Best Woman Entrepreneur
Best Performance in SSI sector "Bharat Ratna
Dr.M. Vishvesvaraya Industrial Award 1995 - 96 "
"Best Woman Entrepreneur" of the Year 1984
from the then President of India Mr. Giani Zail Singh
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