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Aluminium foil Defrost Heater
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Aluminium foil Defrost Heater


Anti-condensation & Defrost Heaters are Aluminium Foil heaters and ideally suited for surface heating applications. These heaters are used for anti-condensation and defrosting applications in refrigerators, cold storages and similar applications.

These are also used in mirror heating for removal of moisture on mirrors in bathrooms. Other applications include Battery Warmers, Cabinets, Heated Food Tables, Laboratory & Medical Equipment and Incubators etc.

Aluminium Foil Heaters comprises PVC insulated heating element, heat welded to vinyl coated side of Aluminium foil or PVC/Silicon Rubber insulated heating element, sandwiched between two layers of Aluminium foil. The bottom side of the Aluminium foil is provided with pressure sensitive adhesive coating for fixing on the surface to be heated. The heating element ends on cold lead of desired length for power connection.

Aluminium Foil heaters can also be provided with a temperature limiter preset at desired temperature for precise control.
Flexible  They are light weight, flexible and have excellent surface contact on large areas.
Uniform Heating  Close and even space of heating elements ensure uniform heating.
Cost-effective  Extremely cost effective due to optional heat utilization and minimal losses.
Safety  Thermostats backed by optional over current protection and GFCI, ensures total protection and safety.
User Friendly  Easy to Install.
Durability  Lasts longer due to low watt density.
Fool Proof  Aluminium Foil Heaters undergo stringent quality testing by our internal QC before releasing into the  market.
Custom Built  Aluminium Foil Heater is custom designed to suit individual requirements. We can design for various  dimensions, heat loads and voltages.
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