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Wildmill Blade Mould Heating Cable HE 1

Industrial Segment  
Heating Cables
Heat Tracers-Cut to Length
Heat Tracers-Factory Terminated
HTT - Power Limiting
Self Regulating Tracers
Heated Hoses
Silicon Heating Panels
Heating Jackets
Insulation Pads  
Drum Heaters  
Heating Mantels  
Anti-condensation & Defrost Heaters  
Blade Repair / Mould Plug Heating Mat  
Windmill Blade Mould Heating Cable HE 1  
Domestic Segment  
Commercial Segment  


Thermo Heating Cable HE 1 find applications in various industrial and appliance heating. The use of Thermo Heating Cable HE 1 for windmill industry testifies our mission of keeping pace with the hottest technologies. HE1 Heating Cables are used for heating FRP moulds for manufacturing wind turbine blades.


The HE1 Heating Cable is an electrical resistance heating wire insulated with PTFE. The resistance of the heating wire depends on the heating requirements of the specific applications and can be supplied with an outer metal shielding and an optional outer jacket.

Approvals UL & VDE Certified
Uniform Heating Generates the same rated heat output all along its length
High Temperature Can be used for up to 180° C and can with stand temperature up to 260°C

Wide range of linear resistances per meter available to suit specific heating requirements. Our standard manufacturing linear resistances (ohms/m) for mould heating are 0.11/0.22/0.33/1.0 ohms/m. Maximum voltage up to 600V

Custom-built Cables to suit specific needs with different insulation and thick ness and other specific user requirements can be designed and manufactured.
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