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Aluminum Heater

Silicon Heating Panels
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HTT - Power Limiting
Self Regulating Tracers
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 (for complicated shapes and sizes)

Silicon Heating Panels provide external heating to surfaces of any complex shape and size. Being totally water resistant they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are used for removing moisture, dehumidification of motors & control devices, for battery heating in high-altitude aircrafts, gas turbines, medical equipment & food equipment. They can also be used in petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals & chemical industries

Silicon Heating Panels comprises of resistance wire-wound heating elements embedded in thin, lightweight fiber glass cloth - Silicon rubber composite substrates, forming a very flexible and high strength heating panel. For convenience of installation, pressure-sensitive adhesive backing are provided on one side of the heating panel. For minimum heat losses these should be backed by thermal insulation pads.
Uniform Heating  Heat element is uniformly distributed in the panel for effective and uniform heating.
Inert & Splash proof  Silicon Heating Panels are splash proof, water- resistant and inert to a range of petrochemicals,  acidic and  alkaline substances.
Precise Temperature control  Silicon Heating Panels can be provided with temperature sensors, be it RTD, thermocouple or  thermistor.
Flexibility  Can be Factory-installed on the heating surface directly, ensuring a snug fit on even the most  complex  surfaces.
Custom-built  Silicon Heating Panels are die-cut to required tolerances, incorporating cutouts to accommodate any  shape  and  size to suit individual requirements.
Modular  Standard panel sizes are available which could be connected as modules to heat up very large  surface  areas.
Thickness of panel  2.5 – 3.0mm
Operating Voltage  230V / 110V AC
Max. Watt Density  0.5W/cm2
Max. Temperature  180°C when energised
 220°C when de-energised
Temperature Sensor  In built Thermistor upto 1200W
 RTD / Thermocouple (optional)
Power/Control Connection  0.5M of Lead cable (3wire)

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