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- for hot surfaces

Thermal Insulation Pads are used to insulate hot surfaces in gas turbines, valves, filters, meters and other accessories in a process line. They ensure energy conservation, protection to operators and providing comfortable work environment. These are typically used as a backing over the heating jacket or heating panel, to ensure better heat efficiencies and minimal energy loss.

The flexible construction of 'Thermo Insulation Pads' enables tailoring to any complex shapes and providing a perfect, snug fit on complex shaped surfaces.


Construction and Features

  • Outer layer fibre glass cloth (aluminized or PVC coated or Teflon coated).
  • Insulation of fibre glass wool of thickness 25mm to 100mm (as desired).
  • Inner layer fibre glass cloth. Pad suited to maximum surface temperature of 300℃.
  • Insulation pads can be tailored to any complex shape,to fit snug on the vessel or surface to be insulated.
  • Required cutouts provided for obstructions or projections.
  • Velcrow or Eyelets & laces provided for strapping.
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