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Heat Tracers Thermorace - CTL

 - Cut to length heat tracer for industries

Thermotrace CTL Electrical Heat Tracers are cut-to-length parallel heat tracers for maintaining product temperature inside Vessels, Tanks, Pipeline or Equipments to keep viscous fluids in flow state avoiding choking of pipelines.

Thermotrace CTL PT (PTFE insulated), CTL SR (Silicon Rubber insulated) is used in the process industry - Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Metallurgical, Cement, Pharma, Food and Edible oil industries.

Thermotrace CTL-ZH (Polyolefin insulated) finds application for freeze protection in commercial and industrial Segments.    
Heat Tracers Cut to Lenth


Thermotrace CTL is a constant wattage, parallel circuit heat tracer comprising twin parallel bus wires of multistrand copper. These are insulated with PTFE or Silicon Rubber or LSZH, depending on the temperature application. Heating Element is wound spirally around the insulated bus and connected alternatively to the bus wires at suitable intervals, forming parallel circuits. The tracer has an insulation sheath followed by metallic braiding for mechanical protection and earth continuity. An outer jacket is offered as an option for corrosive atmospheres.
Standards Meets all test requirements of BS-6351 and IEC 62395
Approvals Certified by Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research / CMRI- Dhanbad, Petroleum & Safety Organization (PESO / CCOE) - Nagpur for use in Hazardous location. Certified by SEMKO against relevant IEC/EN 62395
Rugged construction Outer metallic braid in CTL/PT & CTL/SR makes it robust and suited to hostile conditions.
Chemical Resistant PTFE insulated Thermotrace CTL is inert to all chemicals making it waterproof and  weatherproof.
Long Life PTFE has excellent electrical properties, thermal stability, burning resistance and is virtually non-  ageing and can withstand the high temperature continuously.
Efficient Heat Transfer Flexible and flat configuration of the Thermotrace CTL enables an intimate contact with the surface  to be heated,  ensuring efficient heat transfer.
Cut to Length Thermotrace CTL is supplied in continuous long lengths, which can be cut to desired lengths.


Depending on the application and site conditions (viz. temperature, weather conditions, chemical environment), we can offer options of various insulating materials for Thermotrace CTL to match your individual requirements.
Bus conductor
Bus insulation LSZH Silicon Rubber PTFE
Sheath LSZH Silicon Rubber PFA
Braid Copper /Coated Copper or Stainless Steel Copper /Coated Copper or Stainless Steel Copper /Coated Copper or Stainless Steel
Supply Voltage 230V 230V 230V
Power Output (W/m) 10 20 10 20 30 40 16 25 33 45
Max.circuit length (m) 160 112 160 100 90 60 125 100 90 75
Zone length (mm) 1300 1000 1300 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Max.Operating Temperature (°C) ( Power On) 40 35 190 175 180 120 220 200 180 150
Max. Withstand Temperature (Power Off) 80°C 220°C 260°C
Min. Installation Temperature -15°C -50°C -55°C
Min . Bend radius 30mm 20mm 20mm
Min. Space between turns 50mm 10mm 10mm
Packing Length in a Reel 500m 500m 500m
*Can also be custom designed to specified operating voltages
If you are interested to represent us or source your requirements from us, please contact us for more details.
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