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 (for Chemical and Biochemical Laboratories)
Heating Mantles are an integral requirement for heating various substances in many sectors of Research & Developments, Production and Training.

Applications of heating mantles are in Chemical and biochemical laboratories for temperature dependent reactions and distillation in organic chemistry. Another major range of applications can be found in chemical process technology and biotechnology.


An even heat transfer and consideration for laboratory glassware is ensured by our tried and tested high-quality heating elements which are adopted to fit the respective vessel shapes and sizes. The built-in extremely effective thermal insulation prevents heat losses to the outside. The continuous adjustable power regulator ensures optimum adaptation to the specific power requirement. The maximum temperature of the heating element is 450 �C for all models of Heating Mantles.


We offer a wide range of heating mantles for all standard laboratory glassware in volumes from 100ml up to 20Liters. We also design special products as per customer requirements for all types of specialized glassware.

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