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Thermo Heating Jackets

Heating Jackets
Industrial Segment  
Heating Cables
Heat Tracers-Cut to Length
Heat Tracers-Factory Terminated
HTT - Power Limiting / Regulating
Self Regulating Tracers
Heated Hoses
Hopper Heaters
Heating Jackets
Insulation Pads
Drum Heaters
Heating Mantles
Thermo Heating Blanket / Blade Repair Mat  
Mould Heating Cable HE 1  
Domestic Segment  
Commercial Segment  


- For process vessels, storage tanks etc..

Thermo Heating Jackets are used to raise or maintain elevated temperatures of the contents in reaction vessels, storage tanks, tankers and process equipments in industries. They find application in chemical and pharmaceutical industry to heat viscous fluids in cement industry for hopper heating to remove moisture in the flue gases, in packaging industry for free flow of gums and in metallurgical industry for annealing of metals & similar applications.

This flexible electric heater provides heat from the external surface of the device to be heated. Catering to a wide temperature range from 100℃ to 800℃.They eliminate high investment and operating costs associated with steam, oil, fire wood & conventional electric heating.

Heating Jackets


Thermo heating jackets comprise of flexible heating elements, distributed very uniformly on to a fibreglass or quartz cloth carrier. The fibreglass or quartz cloth carrier is tailored to the shape of the vessel to be heated. Eye-lets and laces provided on the panels, ensure a snug fit of heater on the surface being heated, avoiding any air gaps. The heating elements terminate on cold leads, which are connected to the power supply.
Uniform Heating  Close and evenly distributed heating element ensures effective and uniform heating.
Highly Efficient  Heat is applied on the surface from where heat loss occurs resulting in minimal heat loss.
Easy maintenance  Being an external heating system, maintenance is possible without the need for costly, disturbing shutdowns.
Precise Temperature Control  Thermostatic controls associated with heaters enable very precise temperature control with minimal thermal  lag.
Adaptability  The high flexibility of the carrier material enables the heaters to fit snug on complicated shapes and   bends  and hence suited to all shapes and sizes.
Long Life  The high flexibility also ensures good heating element contact resulting in lower element temperatures  and  hence long life.
Custom-built  Thermo Heating Jackets are designed to suit individual requirements incorporating cutouts to  accommodate  any shape and size.
Technical Specifications
Operator Temperature (Max.)  Fibre glass Jackets - 400℃,Quartz Jackets - 800℃ PTFE Jackets - 150° - 200℃
Operator Voltage  230V single phase or 440V three phase
Heat Load  Upto 6KW/㎡ max.
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