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Heated Hose

Heated Hoses
Industrial Segment  
Heating Cables
Heat Tracers-Cut to Length
Heat Tracers-Factory Terminated
HTT - Self Limiting / Regulating
Self Regulating Tracers
Heated Hoses
  Hot Melt Hoses
  Flue Gas & Gas Chromatography
Hopper Heaters
Heating Jackets
Insulation Pads
Drum Heaters  
Heating Mantles  
Thermo Heating Blanket / Blade Repair Mat  
Mould Heating Cable HE 1  
Domestic Segment  
Commercial Segment  


(for gas and liquid transfer)

Heated Hoses are needed to maintain critical temperatures, to avoid condensation of gas or drop in fluid temperature during Gas Analyzer Sampling, Hot Melt Transfer, Petroleum or Chemical Transfers and Food Processing. These flexible and lightweight tubes can withstand aggressive high pressure fluids and high temperatures involved in transfer of fluids.

Heated Hoses

Heated Hose comprises of a process tube bundled with insulated electrical heating element and wrapped with a heat reflecting foil. Temperature sensor is provided at about 300 mm from power connection end. This bundle is insulated and provided with an outer jacket. Ends are sealed suitably and electrical connections for both power and control are brought out.

Standards Heat Tracer or Heating Cable, used in the Heated Hose meets all test requirements as per BS / IEEE / European Standards.
Approvals Heat Tracer or Heating Cable used in the Heated Hose is certified by CMRI India, CCOE India and Baseefa UK for use in hazardous area.
Flexibility Constructed with an outer jacket, which is corrugated or braided and hence very flexible.
Precise Temperature Control Inbuilt temperature sensor (RTD / Thermocouple / Temperature switch) provided with suitable external connection or precise temperature control.
Efficient Heat reflective foil on the heating cable and process tube ensures efficient heat transfer.
Ready to use Prefabricated with sample line and heating system incorporated, is ready to use.
Easy to install No need of any fabrication and fixing, ready to use with required connectors and end  connections. Since there is no need for any special tools, it is easy to install.
Range Depending on the application and site conditions (viz. temperature, weather conditions, and chemical environment) we can offer various options to match your individual needs.
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