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Thermotrace Self Limiting / Regulating Tracer - HTT

 (For High Temperature Applications)

Thermotrace Self Limiting / Regulating Tracer is ideally suited for high temperature applications for Tanks & pipeline. It is suitable for maintaining temperatures up to 180 Deg.C. These tracers can withstand temperatures associated with steam purging operations in the pipelines.


1) 3.3 Nickel Plated Copper.
2) Fluoropolymer Insulation
3) Coiled Heater Alloy Heating Element.
4) Fibre Glass braid.
5) Fluoropolymer Jacket providing electrical insulation, mechanical strength & moisture resistance.
6) Coated copper braid to give a continuous ground path.
7) Outer Jacket UV resistant Fluoropolymer to enable usage in corrosive area & High temperatures.
Standards Meets all test requirements of IS/IEC 60079 - 30 - 1
Approvals Certified by Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research / CMRI- Dhanbad, Petroleum & Safety Organization (PESO / CCOE) - Nagpur. for Zone- 1.
Safety As the Cable self regulates its heat output,its limit the maximum sheath temperature, thus making it burnout proof

Technical Specifications
Catalogue Reference




Heating Power W/m (230V AC) at 10 C




Voltage Supply

230VAC, 50Hz, 110/120VAC on request

Max. Installation Temperature Power On




Max. Exposure Temperature Off


Min. Installation Temperature


Minimum Bending Radius


Heating Power

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