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Flue Gas & Gas Chromography

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Wherever gaseous media need to be transferred from one component of a device or plant to another at a temperature above ambient and the use of fixed lines is impossible, heated hose systems offer themselves as a carrier element. The hose’s heating prevents formation of condensate in the gaseous media. Most applications require the product temperature to be held at a preset value, regardless of temperature fluctuations occurring in the plant or the environment.

Process Tube High Grade Virgin PTFE ,Seamless S.S 316 L
Process Tube Size Up to ½” OD
Heating Element Constant watt type (series/Parallel),  Self  limiting
Thermal Insulation Fiberglass wool / Felt Insulation
Outer Jacket U.V. Resistant Extruded FRLS PVC, Corrugated Flexible PA Conduit
Operating Voltage 230V / 110V AC
Watt Density Up to 130W/M
Max. Length 100M
Max. Operating Temperature 200oC
Max. Operating Pressure 30 Bar
Temperature Sensor In built RTD / Thermocouple /  Temperature switch
Process Connection Connector Coupling / Flanged / as per  customers requirement
Power/Control Connection 2M of Lead cable (3wire) for both power  and control
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