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Blade Repair / Mould Plug Heating Mat

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THERMO HEATING BLANKET - For curing & onsite repair of windmill blades.

Thermo heating blankets are used for onsite repair of wind mill blades which can be damaged or degraded by several factors. These are specially designed to cure the leading,trailing & tips of the wind mill blade.


Thermo heating blankets comprise of fluoropolymer insulating heating elements distributed by very uniformly and sandwiched between multiple layer of Aluminium coated fiber glass cloth.The heating element is connected to power supply through screened Silicon Rubber insulated cable.

Uniform Heating Close and evenly distributed heating element backed by aluminium foil ensures effective and uniform heating.
Highly Efficient Heat is applied directly on the surface resulting in minimal heat loss.
Easy Maintenance Being an external heating system, maintenance is possible without the need for costly, disturbing shutdowns.
Precise Temperature
Thermostatic controls associated with heaters enable very precise temperature control with minimal thermal lag.
Adaptability The high flexibility of the carrier material enables the heaters to fit snug on complicated shapes and   bends and hence suited to all shapes and sizes.
Long Life The high flexibility also ensures good heating element contact resulting in lower element temperatures and hence long life.
Ease Of Handling Very Light & Highly flexible construction enables onsite repairs even at heights .
Safety 100% Aluminium screening ensures human safety.
Custom-built Thermo Heating mats are designed to suit individual requirements to accommodate any shape and size.
Operating Voltage  230V / 110V AC
Operating Temperature  60℃ to 90℃
Max. Watt Density  350  W/M2
Temperature Sensor  RTD / Thermocouple having overall braided cold leads of 2 meter length(optional)
Power/Control Connection  2.0 M of Lead cable
Temperature Control  In built Capillary type thermostat - Range 30℃ to 110℃ (optional)
High Temperature Protection  In built Temperature Limiter
Mat Size In Meters 0.5X1.0 0.5X2.0 0.5X3.0 1.0X1.0 1.0X2.0
Wattage@230V 375 750 1125 750 1500
Resistance (Ohms) 141.1 70.5 47 70.5 35.3
Mat Loading(W/Sqm) 750 750 750 750 750
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